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At the core of our software communications stacks is an SVR 4.2 compliant STREAMS implementation for Linux called Linux Fast STREAMS (LFS). This is a high-performance implementation of SVR 4.2 STREAMS for the Linux kernel including compatibility modules for:

  • UNIX® System V Release 4.2 MP
  • AIX® 5L Version 5.1
  • HP-Ux® 11.0i v2
  • OSF/1 1.2 Digital UNIX®
  • Unixware® 7.1.3 (OpenUnix 8)
  • Solaris® 9/SunOS 5.9
  • MacOT 1.5r2

Our STREAMS implementations have been used for porting software and device drivers written for Solaris®, AIX®, HP-UX®, Unixware® and other versions of UNIX that have no other migration path to Linux. Another use for our STREAMS implementation is for performance critical networking applications as our STREAMS IP networking is up to 3 times faster that native Linux networking facilities.

Most of the remaining software protocol stack modules depend upon and utilize STREAMS for high-performance communications.

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