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Our SS7 stack is a full ANSI, ETSI, ITU-T, 3GPP implementation that provides all protocol variants simultaneously on the same node with interworking between variants. Capacity is limited simply by the number of interfaces that can be jammed into a box. GTT call-out streams provide for kernel resident, in-memory, or user-space GTT functions and databases. Following is a summary of included components:

  • MTP Level 2 (ANSI, ETSI, ITU-T), high-speed links, ATM SAL links, M2PA/M2UA links, monitoring modes;
  • MTP Level 3 (ANSI, ETSI, ITU-T), signal transfer function, EGWS, integrated M3UA;
  • ISUP (ANSI, ETSI v1, 2 and 3, ITU-T), call control interface, endpoint, transit, gateway;
  • SCCP (ANSI, ETSI, ITU-T) connectionless and connection-oriented, SUA integration;
  • TCAP (ANSI, ETSI, ITU-T) all op classes, conversations, linked transactions, full dialogue layer, 800 serivce;
  • INAP (ANSI, ETSI, ITU-T) including CMS and LNP, full JAIN integration;
  • MAP (ETSI/3GPP/GSM and NADC), XMAP library with all GSM/NADC messages;
  • BSSAP (ETSI/3GPP) A-interface.

Each protocol layer component has a fully documented STREAMS API, support libraries, SNMP MIBs and configuration utilities. Many components are auto-detecting and have self-configuring modes. Each component fully conformance tested and validated using ferry-clip and network-based approaches. High-performance: can send at line rate—1 Erlang, 1 flag between frames—on 16 high-speed interfaces, or 500 narrow-band signalling links, per chassis. Licensing is not based on capacity. Full stack with no add-on or component costs (“take and play” instead of “pick and pay”).

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