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The OpenSS7 protocol stacks include STREAM, device drivers, pseudo-device drivers and modules for a wide range of protocol stacks. Also included is full documentation, validation, verification and regression test suites, SNMP MIBs and active agents, systems daemons, configuration utilities, API libraries.

At the core of our software communications stacks is a high-performance SVR 4.2 compliant STREAMS implementation for the Linux kernel called Linux Fast STREAMS. Our STREAMS implementations have been used for porting software and device drivers written for UNIX® that have no other migration path to Linux.
We provide an entire IP networking stack compatible with SVR 4.2 MP using Linux Fast STREAMS. This includes a UNIX® XPG 5 compatible interface utilizing DLPI and XTI/TLI for TCP/IP networking.
An underpinning to our high-performance signalling transport stacks, our STREAMS implementation of SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) is one of the first kernel implementations of the protocol.
Our stack includes a full SIGTRAN implementation including: IUA, M2PA, M2UA, M3UA, SUA, TUA. OpenSS7 had the very first implementation of many of these protocols.
Our stack includes a full SS7 implementation providing MTP Level 2, MTP Level 3, SCCP, TCAP, MAP, ISUP, INAP.
Our stack includes many components in the ISO/OSI networking including: ISO/IEC 8802, X.25, ISO/IEC 8881 LLC 1 and 2, CONP/CLNP, TP 1 thru 4, Minimal OSI, LPP, RFC 1006, ISOT, XOT and APLI library. Suitable for use in financial, military and aerospace (aviation ATN profile) applications.

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