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OpenSS7 Corporation was founded in 2001 for the purpose of providing software consulting, licensing, development and research in the field of telecommunications. We are a privately held concern with diverse board representation from engineering and telecommunications industries.

We commit a significant portion of our revenues to providing web host facilities, domain names, computing resources and other function for The OpenSS7 Project: an open source project that began in 1996 and made its web debut in September 2000 with the launch of the openss7.org website.

In addition to providing software consulting and development services, we hold licensing rights to OpenSS7 source code. This source code was historically released under the AGPL3. We currently provide commercially licensing under a wide range of commercial licensing terms: including one time royalty or per host royalties. Flexible arrangements can been provided on a per-client basis.

We were one of the initial developers of SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol)—the transport protocol used by SIGTRAN—and participated in:

  • the 2nd SCTP Interoperability Test at the ETSI Test Center in St. Antipolis France, in April of 2001;
  • the 1st M3UA Interoperability Test hosted by Ericsson in Madrid Spain, in May of 2001; and,
  • the 1st M2PA Interoperability Test hosted by Alcatel in Plano Texas, in October 2002.

Since then, we have participated at numerous protocol interoperability testing events, and have actively contributed to a number of IETF drafts and standards.

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