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Our software and hardware products are aimed at directly supporting the OpenSS7 communications stacks.


Our software products include commercial software release, packaging and licensing of the OpenSS7 communications stacks. We provide commercially licensed, validated, customized and optimized versions of the software otherwise available as open-source from The OpenSS7 Project. We back these commercially licensed software components with training, consulting and support services. For more information, see Software.


We provide subscription-based access to our repository of binary packages that can be directly installed for various Linux distributions using the distribution's normal software package management tools. Binary packages contained in the repository are validated and verified against target devices using a conformance, validation and regression test suite containing over 5000 test cases. For more information, see Repository.


We provide selection, reference designs and certification for hardware specifically suited for use with our software. This hardware is provided by various manufacturers and is packaged for use with our software. For more information, see Hardware.


We have been working on a software appliance containing our protocol stacks and applications software that implements a complete signalling node for various uses. For more information, see Appliances.

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