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Email Contacts

General Information

If you need product or service information, are interested in our partnership program, or are just interested in asking a question and do not yet need the assistance of our sales staff, drop us an email at info@openss7.com and we will assist you.


We are eager and able to address your telecommunications solution needs, including providing information and pricing on hardware and software products and all services (including training, consulting and development). Drop us an email at sales@openss7.com and we will provide you with product brochures, pricing, course outlines and other materials in answer to your questions.


If you represent a consulting company or manufacturer of hardware or software that is interested in partnering with us to provide integrated solutions to your customers, please enquire about our partnership program at partner@openss7.com.


We are a privately held concern that is fully owned by its founders with no venture capital investment. Nevertheless, if you are interested in investment opportunities, please contact invest@openss7.com for more information.


If you are associated with the press and are interested in following OpenSS7 late breaking news, drop use an email at press@openss7.com to obtain a press kit.

Direct Contact

If you would prefer to contact us directly and speak to an actual person, our mailing address and telephone number contact information follows:

OpenSS7 Corporation
1469 Jefferys Crescent
Edmonton AB T6L 6T1

Telephone: +1 780 490 1141

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