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OpenSS7 provides support for licensed software in the form of consulting services, training and maintenance. There are two forms of support normally requested by clients:

Development Support

We normally provide some degree of development support when you are interested in integrating our software with other software into your product. Development support is normally provided by us under a subscription service level, or as part of a software licensing agreement. OpenSS7 software stacks are large and complex and some degree of development support is necessary and to be expected.

Tier 3 Support

At times we have provided Tier 3 support of our software, when used in an unmodified form, in fielded products. Typically, because the software base is so mature and has been fielded for such a long period of time, little to no Tier 3 support is actually necessary. Many clients have used our software in a modified form and have provided their own Tier 3 support internally. When Tier 3 support is necessary, we provide it under a separate support agreement that typically includes an annual retainer and a pro-rated per-occurrence charge.

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